The cause of joint pain

Joints that are part of the bone where it was found on the ends of the two bones that function to move to the other limb. In the knee joint, elbow joint, finger joints, ligaments and so on. In circumstances like these joints will experience inflammation or swelling due to an interruption that may occur in the pain of arthritis or commonly referred to as arthritis. There are two types of arthritis including osteoarthritis da rheumatoid arthritis. In osteoarthritis which is a very serious disease and can affect on the joints and bones that exist around the joints joints. Osteoarthritis is more often called degenerative arthritis pain is usually due to the aging factor .

joint pain

Osteoarthritis much explored at a young age because many experienced infection, injury, lifting weights too heavy it will experience your joints become sick and overweight. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune disease due to chronic inflammation that occurs in the joints that can cause pain appear, swelling and stiffness in the joints for example legs and arms. this happens because the immune system can attack the other limb and without us knowing, joints that are most important part of the body and more often also experience damage to our immune system.

Arthritis pain or osteoarthritis which is a disease that often occurs in the elderly. On the change of lifestyle, the disease is more commonly referred to calcification of the bones found in a young age. Due to the many joints which has a layer of cartilage at the ends of bones. In the cartilage that many possessed a very smooth surface, making it easier to loosen existing bone movement at the joints. Her Aus cartilage in joints that will make on the smooth surface will be damaged or rough then it will lose the function as a cushion.

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