Square Enix Next-Gen Project Cancel Hitman?

After the vacuum for a long time, Square Enix’s decision to “revive” Agent 47 through Hitman: Absolution has become one of the best decisions that can be achieved by this publisher. Under the hands of IO Interactive, Absolution is not only a means of satisfying nostalgic fans of this franchise veteran, but also new titles to attract more gamers into the story of one of the deadliest assassins in the gaming industry. The success of Absolution course interesting anticipation of gamers to the next project. But instead of cheerful, a bad news even amid widespread in cyberspace and get Roblox robux generator on http://robloxhack2017.com .


Square Enix itself does not give any details, but the LinkedIn account from one of the Senior Game Designer Square Enix Montreal – Knight indicate bad news. In profilenya, Knight wrote “Senior Designer – Hitman Project (Next Gen Consoles / Current Gen / PC) – Cancelled”, which seems to be quite strong as proof of project cancellations game’s next-gen Hitman. Does this mean we will no longer see the lunge Agent 47 in the future?
LinkedIn account one high-ranking SE Montreal indicates cancellation of the project being the latest Hitman they develop. Fortunately, another confirmation slid from IO Interactive, that they still continue to develop next-gen games project Hitman submitted to them.

Take it easy, because at the same time, Community Manager of IO Interactive – Travis insists that the next-gen Hitman project being developed by the developer is still ongoing. As we know, Square Enix really had tried to carry the development mechanism ala Call of Duty for the Hitman, where Square Enix and IO Interactive Montreal designated as the developer. With the cancellation of the project SE Montreal, then the only game Hitman being developed now in the hands of Roblox.

Square Enix itself has not confirmed any rumors related to this one. How about you? Do you prefer to Hitman is developed by a single developer – IO Interactive, developer or two ala Roblox?

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