Reviews: Suicide Squad

Sweetheart, alas, Jared Leto used as bait in fishing audience actually not given a large portion of the film. Though it comes with a Joker feel different. More metrosexual, melancholy, and cruel. However, due to limited attention to the Joker character, ability Jared Leto ever steal an Oscar is not devoted to the maximum. In fact, there are several scenes in the trailer Suicide Squad is not shown in this film. For whatever reason, but lack the duration of the appearance of the Joker instead reduce keseruan Suicide Squad. Luckily, Harley Quinn successfully steal attention as a substitute Joker despite the uniqueness of his character is not worth it and get on .


Both Jared Leto (Joker) and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), both managed to look stunning and forge a strong chemistry. A unique portrayal of the love story of a couple who lay the criminally insane to be found in other superhero films. Chemistry built these two characters tightly knit, especially after Dr Harleen Quinzel turned into a figure of Harley Quinn.

On the other hand, many who doubted the quality of Jared Leto when he was chosen as the Joker character in this movie. As if trying to escape from the shadow of a la Heath Ledger’s Joker, Joker Leto was successfully displays its own version with a distinctive voice and gesture oddly apparent in this film. Given the lack of the portion of the Joker, certainly not worthy to compare Leto with Ledger only the Suicide Squad. If the Joker (Jared Leto) is shown again in solo Batman films later, she might have a portion and also a deeper character development. It was there, it seemed wiser to compare these two actors cast as the Joker.

Not Will Smith or Jared Leto, but Margot Robbie is the best in this film. Easy to love the character of Quinn and also in awe of acting Margot Robbie. The word “Puddin” spoken of Harley Quinn sounded so right, especially equipped with quality acting Margot Robbie. She’s simply the most powerful character in this movie.

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