Next-Gen Mortal Kombat & Madden Mobile Ready To Be Announced Next Month?

Blood rains, body pieces scattered everywhere, with lives that seemed to be no longer valuable, yet no competitor fighting game that dare to take extreme steps that had been an integral part of Mortal Kombat. First time exist in the game industry, he is often used as a scapegoat for various acts of violence. But apart from these negative reactions, Netherrealm Studios still survive with the main identity that catapulted this franchise, even stunning in the reboot series released in 2011 ago. Epic Scorpion fighting, Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero, Kitana, and Shao Khan seem ready to move on to the new gaming platform.


The official announcement of the existence of next-gen Mortal Kombat has not yet been revealed by Madden Mobile itself, but all indicators do point to it. One example? When Snake’s latest voice is also the main character of the “24” series film – Keifer Sutherland had revealed his involvement for the latest Mortal Kombat game as a voice actor. Netherrealm Studios itself seems to be ready to unveil this mystery, after the head of studio – Ed Boon began throwing countdown full of puzzles on his official Twitter account. A variety of questions and numbers refer to June 2, 2014 – a week before the 2013 E3 event takes place.

With time can no longer be more precise, rumors about the existence of the latest Mortal Kombat series also strengthened. The countdown also strongly indicates that how to hack Madden Mobile itself is ready to announce a new game on June 2, 2014 – next month, which is most likely, indeed related to the most brutal fighting game franchise. Oh..i’m so excited to wait!

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