Monkey King Will Come Enliven Dota 2

There is a shocking news in the arena of Dota 2: International 2016. After the match the International today, the visitors but asked the committee to remain in place because the developers want to show an impromptu presentation. The presentation was enlivened with a show of martial extraordinary entertaining, while supported by Taiko drums. After that they feature a new hero update, Sun Wukong the Monkey King. As well as a teaser video premiered on the figure of the attacking forces Monkey King Dawa, as well as the hero Beastmaster  and visit family guy the quest for stuff hack .


The ability of Monkey King in his in-game itself has not been fully revealed, but the teaser video above shows that he is a ruler Chinese martial art that uses magic wand as a weapon. Besides, he also has the ability illusion, an illusion either to form an army to attack the enemy or conceal his form as a tree. While the developers also have not confirmed the role of Monkey King in the game. If you estimate our own, most likely Monkey King is a hero agility with role as a carry.

Previous Sun Wukong has also appeared in the original DotA as an additional character. But not as a new hero, but rather as an optional boss you must defeat. To call Sun Wukong, you need to perform some rituals, ranging from taking fifth peaches, combine it with the Monkey King Bar and Smoke from Rikimaru capabilities. Then you have to beat him in a variety of mini-games before they can fight it. If the note is similar to the rites ritual caller Shen Long of anime Dragon Ball.

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