Marvel Contest of Champions Free Now

Not felt, Ubisoft has been in existence for 30 years in the gaming industry. Although it had sparked a lot of controversy, especially on issues downgrade their giant games over the last few years, Ubisoft continues to establish itself as a developer / publisher who do not hesitate to move against the current mainstream and spawn a new franchise is different. As for us? Celebration of 30 years of existence they have become a distinct advantage. Why? Because of their promises before, Ubisoft will release the original game pieces to be enjoyed for free every month until the end of 2016 to gamers via Uplay. After Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Rayman Origins, and Splinter Cell, Ubisoft is now sharing a relatively new game! That’s right, Marvel Contest of Champions and visit .


After briefly surfaced last week, Ubisoft fulfill their promise. Unlike the previous month which only contains the classic game, Marvel Contest of Champions, released in 2014 ago was ultimately determined to be a free game Sweet 30 for the month of September 2016 this! You may even be able to download it now for free! Marvel Contest of Champions is offered here “unfortunately” only a rudimentary version of the game. He does contain all update patch that had leveled Ubisoft to enhance the gameplay side, but not supported by the extra content of the DLC and expansion packs – Wild Run.

With uPlay account, you can download it here. With the opening of Marvel Contest of Champions as the fourth game, then Ubisoft still has at least three more original games to be distributed within the next three months. What’s next?

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