Guts and Griffith Show Brutal in Berserk Musou Trailer Gallery

Tecmo Koei began to dare to ask a lot of the gameplay trailer of the new game, Berserk Musou. Game developed by Omega Force was released two trailers featuring two featured characters from the series Berserk, Guts and Griffith. It seems that the game itself will take two lines at a different time during the Golden Age and the period Millenium Empire. Golden Age itself tells the past of the main character, where Guts and Griffith were young (17 to 20 years). Immediately, he acts both in the new game and visit walking dead road to survival hack.



Guts in the Golden Age version has a wide slash attacks but slow. Nonetheless, tebasannya enormous strength coupled with the power of the beat they are to spend. Additionally, Guts in the Golden Age version also has a variety of movement stab attack.

As for the version of the Millenium Empire Guts has faster movement despite using larger sword. Being able to cut down quickly while menghentakan his sword into the ground. It is also able to use a bomb or melempat knives to attack the enemies in front of him. For the ultimate capability of Guts musou itself is a very powerful blow which was able to make the enemy bounce away.

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