Ellipsis Review

Ellipsis arable Salmi GmbH is an Android game is very simple. And behind its simplicity, this puzzle game is supported with solid mechanics and design challenging levels.

The purpose of this game as simple as it looks: point the blue circle to touch the blue targets while avoiding all red things get to the exit. Blue = good, red = evil. Easy to remember, is not it? Mechanics of this game is also simple, just drag it, without the need to tap or perform other gestures and visit nba live mobile hack.


With a total of 120 levels available, the game is also still provide interesting variations and provide new challenges for every level so as to make the game still feels fresh. Inter-level trips are supposed monotony is also broken down a bit with their crossroads. Occasionally to access some levels, you can choose between pass a difficult level or two levels more easily.

All levels to maximize the use of the screen. And the duration of a short game (depending on what you sejago wagging fingers, of course) with a simple system, making Ellipsis is very suitable to be played as penghabis spare time.

Even if you are often dead, either because of obstacles and enemies are more difficult or finger over the screen, how to restart the level that very instant makes you not so frustrating each time failed. Just press the screen again, and you immediately re-entered and ready to repeat that level.

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