ChemCaper: Act 1 Review

Learning while playing RPG? This premise sounds very interesting to me that obviously choose video games rather than textbooks, especially when associated with less chemical subjects I’m interested. The premise that promised by ACE Ed-Venture and Artoncode through ChemCaper, their latest RPG for the iOS and Android.

Released with episodic format, ChemCaper available for mobile platforms in mid-March after first announced its existence in 2014. I also try to play it as driven by the intention to redeem the sins of the past were ignored chemical subjects. Is this time I managed to learn chemistry without falling asleep in the middle of the learning process? Listen to continue my review below and get madden mobile hack here.

ChemCaper_PressWebPage_060116(FOR ROU)

In ChemCaper, you will be invited to follow the story of Roub, a young boy from the nation’s Moon Being. The nation has the ability to manipulate molecules and control animals called Petticle. As one member of Moon Being, Roub get the task trace the whereabouts of a mysterious figure who is believed to be a sacred substance.

His first assignment was to go to a place called Camp Furnaces, where visible traces of the existence of an unknown creature. His first task does not run smoothly, because the plane he was riding had to make an emergency landing. Moreover, he also heard that the town where he lived was attacked by Petticle out of control. What was happening?

After playing ChemCaper for a dozen hours, I finally really understand that ChemCaper content is largely the same as most RPGs, with inserted seasoning of chemical knowledge. All the elements in the present ChemCaper RPG, such as quest system, turn-based battle, until the mechanism of leveling characters.

Elements of chemical knowledge present in the system to make Petticle. You can combine a variety of orb to be a Petticle. Petticle be equated as chemical compounds, while the orb being equal to the constituent chemical molecules.

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