Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls 6 Definitely Coming

What will then be offered Bethesda? This is of course a big question that needs an answer. His status as a publisher does manage to make nurturing many attractive products to be anticipated, from Dishonored 2, Prey, Quake until the latest series – Champions. But what about the games that really emerged from the cold hands of Bethesda itself? With the success achieved by the successful previous series that have been released about five years ago and the completion of Fallout 4, the rational choice of course leads to one of the same name – Elder Scrolls. Will we see the sixth series in the near future?

Bethesda Elder Scrolls

The same question was also to appear in the official Twitter account of the marketing executive – Pete Hines. He asserted that the sixth series of The Elder Scrolls will definitely be done and released by Bethesda in the future. But for now, there is no information that he could for other than the certainty that they are equal before the start of the development process for him. So, what was to be the focus of attention Bethesda today? Unfortunately, he did not share further details and visit mobius final fantasy hack  .
Hines confirms that Elder Scrolls 6 will surely arrive in the future. But for now, they have not developed any.

This is of course so the information does not want to be heard by the fan of one action RPG franchise that is worthy of the title as the best. Will we see Elder Scrolls 6 within the next three years? Or the process will end up waiting much longer?

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Guts and Griffith Show Brutal in Berserk Musou Trailer Gallery

Tecmo Koei began to dare to ask a lot of the gameplay trailer of the new game, Berserk Musou. Game developed by Omega Force was released two trailers featuring two featured characters from the series Berserk, Guts and Griffith. It seems that the game itself will take two lines at a different time during the Golden Age and the period Millenium Empire. Golden Age itself tells the past of the main character, where Guts and Griffith were young (17 to 20 years). Immediately, he acts both in the new game and visit walking dead road to survival hack.



Guts in the Golden Age version has a wide slash attacks but slow. Nonetheless, tebasannya enormous strength coupled with the power of the beat they are to spend. Additionally, Guts in the Golden Age version also has a variety of movement stab attack.

As for the version of the Millenium Empire Guts has faster movement despite using larger sword. Being able to cut down quickly while menghentakan his sword into the ground. It is also able to use a bomb or melempat knives to attack the enemies in front of him. For the ultimate capability of Guts musou itself is a very powerful blow which was able to make the enemy bounce away.

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Monkey King Will Come Enliven Dota 2

There is a shocking news in the arena of Dota 2: International 2016. After the match the International today, the visitors but asked the committee to remain in place because the developers want to show an impromptu presentation. The presentation was enlivened with a show of martial extraordinary entertaining, while supported by Taiko drums. After that they feature a new hero update, Sun Wukong the Monkey King. As well as a teaser video premiered on the figure of the attacking forces Monkey King Dawa, as well as the hero Beastmaster  and visit family guy the quest for stuff hack .


The ability of Monkey King in his in-game itself has not been fully revealed, but the teaser video above shows that he is a ruler Chinese martial art that uses magic wand as a weapon. Besides, he also has the ability illusion, an illusion either to form an army to attack the enemy or conceal his form as a tree. While the developers also have not confirmed the role of Monkey King in the game. If you estimate our own, most likely Monkey King is a hero agility with role as a carry.

Previous Sun Wukong has also appeared in the original DotA as an additional character. But not as a new hero, but rather as an optional boss you must defeat. To call Sun Wukong, you need to perform some rituals, ranging from taking fifth peaches, combine it with the Monkey King Bar and Smoke from Rikimaru capabilities. Then you have to beat him in a variety of mini-games before they can fight it. If the note is similar to the rites ritual caller Shen Long of anime Dragon Ball.

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Ellipsis Review

Ellipsis arable Salmi GmbH is an Android game is very simple. And behind its simplicity, this puzzle game is supported with solid mechanics and design challenging levels.

The purpose of this game as simple as it looks: point the blue circle to touch the blue targets while avoiding all red things get to the exit. Blue = good, red = evil. Easy to remember, is not it? Mechanics of this game is also simple, just drag it, without the need to tap or perform other gestures and visit nba live mobile hack.


With a total of 120 levels available, the game is also still provide interesting variations and provide new challenges for every level so as to make the game still feels fresh. Inter-level trips are supposed monotony is also broken down a bit with their crossroads. Occasionally to access some levels, you can choose between pass a difficult level or two levels more easily.

All levels to maximize the use of the screen. And the duration of a short game (depending on what you sejago wagging fingers, of course) with a simple system, making Ellipsis is very suitable to be played as penghabis spare time.

Even if you are often dead, either because of obstacles and enemies are more difficult or finger over the screen, how to restart the level that very instant makes you not so frustrating each time failed. Just press the screen again, and you immediately re-entered and ready to repeat that level.

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No Man’s Sky Preview

Ambitious is the most appropriate word to describe what I was trying to do an independent developer – Hello Games against those projects were so anticipated – No Man’s Sky. How come? In contrast to other space exploration game that builds his universe for you to explore, No Man’s Sky injecting mechanism that makes a random element plays a more important role. Once decrypted, until you have the opportunity to find more than 18 quintilion variations in the planet, the amount of which will not even be able to explore all up to the age limit you. No Man’s Sky was also strengthened with several other gameplay elements such as exploration, crafting system, and also a bit of the action elements in it. With all of this claim, which the gamer who would not be tempted to immediately taste it. But be careful, because it could be this game was never designed for you and get dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce  here .

Astonishing is the only word that comes out of our mouth when tasting No Man’s Sky for the first time. He did not carry the same visual quality of games memesonanya with the latest release at the moment, but Hello Games execute almost all the elements that they promised in the beginning.

You will be dealing with a super wide universe with a variety of star clusters and planets can singgahi, without having formed a loading screen at all. Arriving at the planet’s surface, then fly through the atmosphere of the planet is, and continues to perform the same activity cycle goes as it should. Cool again? Each planet you singgahi also comes with extensive duly planet, complete with a unique weather, ecosystems, and challenge yourself. It is satisfying the needs of you who love a game that focuses on aspects of the exploration.

However, first impressions end up with one conclusion – that the game is not designed to be sampled and enjoyed by all types of gamers. What lesson? Because although sounds awesome on paper, the activities you are doing is really easy to feel repetitive. To strengthen the air, characters, and weapons that you use, as well as to make sure you can do hyperdrive to move to the next star cluster, you must perform resource grinding process was quite intense. Collecting the required material up to a certain extra money to upgrade the key to progress. And the cycle will continue and may continue until the end of the game. A typical game will not be suitable for you who quickly get bored or want something more linear in it.

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It’s Official Entry Link Download “Pokemon Go”

Users in the country was no longer need to bother looking APK file (for Android devices) or change the region App Store (for iOS devices) in order to obtain the installation files for the game.

The official version of Pokemon Go can now be obtained easily, simply by visiting the respective app store platform. For Android users, visit the Google Play Store here and get pokemon go hack online here.

For iOS users, visit the App Store at this link.

In addition to Indonesia, as many as 14 other countries in the Asia Pacific region participated in the release gets Pokemon Go simultaneously performed by Niantic today.


The 14 countries are Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, and Palau.

“The trainer (players) Pokemon in 15 countries in Asia and Oceania are now able to download Pokemon Go from the Play Store or the App Store,” said Niantic as the creator of Pokemon Go in a statement uploaded to Facebook.

Previously, in early August, Pokemon Go has been present in Brazil that was to host the 2016 Olympic Games Pokemon home country, Japan, gets on July 22.

Pokemon Go now can be played officially on four continents, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In Indonesia alone, the user is already crowded gadget plays Pokemon Go before the game was released. Somehow, the players can access the server Pokemon Go though not yet entered Indonesia. Not so with the other countries that have not officially assigned to.

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Review: Pokemon Go

Just a few months ago, Miss followed an article about plans to their pokemon game and strongly feel happy, because childhood nostalgia serial pokemon Nona will be immediately remedied. And apparently this time, the pokemon game really has diliris and its presence makes a scene for lovers gamers eager to try it. Game called Pokemon is a game Pokemon Go.

Although much awaited by gamers around the world, apparently pokemon game is released gradually. To date, the game Pokemon Go can only be enjoyed in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand alone, quite unfortunate huh? Because that Indonesia itself has not been time to get a share of the game Pokemon Go, this time Miss wants to review a review of the game on this one, because Miss convinced, although not yet released in Indonesia, though, you must be wondering, what is the game Pokemon Go’s and visit pokemon go hack.


As the information for you, Pokemon Go is a game genre Augment Reality (AR). Therefore, by utilizing technological sophistication, the figures in the Pokemon will be presented in front of you in a more tangible form. Perhaps because of that, the public interest would this game is so high. Even though not yet released in all countries, has circulated a lot of ways to outsmart this game that can still be played in the list of countries that get into a hockey game release is the first Pokemon Go

Unlike other games that force you to sit in one place for long, because it brings the AR technology, by playing this game Pokemon Go you will be forced to stand up and explore the environment around you. Whose pay is that you can find different types of pokemon that you can get by way of exploring the environment around you.

Its fun again, most of the characters in the game Pokemon Go Pokemon will use figures pokemon first generation, which may be once you enjoyed when you were small. By doing so, of course there is a possibility that pokemon figure is already very familiar figure, considering they had been present in the Pokemon series, games, and even movies.

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Mobile RPG EvilBane 100 Day Celebration Held Update

Praising 100 days of discharge, Netmarbles will give a monstrous redesign for their terpopulere RPG portable amusement titled Evilbane! Any sort of new in this most recent redesign? Overhaul this the truth will surface eventually act 4 and 5 KKE Adventure Season 2 Dungeon Area together with his most recent plan called Groomy Temple. Not to overlook, there are additionally things terbaaru named Doomsday Armor. Amazing!

Mobile RPG EvilBane Adakan Update Perayaan 100 Hari

Bleak this Temple will welcome the players etia Evilbane with the most grounded beasts they are surely all the more intriguing like Peres, Ammut, and Astraoth. That is not simply, there is likewise a prize in the amusement are ample ssesuai with the level of trouble of every yak. There is additionally a dark Armor Doomsday and was awed glorious prepared kat denngan more ability than defensive layer ever some time recently and visit zn game hack here.

In updaete this time, Evilbane will likewise hold an exceptional occasion. What is that? Make Evilbane player who in reinforcing their protective layer to level Mythic until July 19, will be recompensed 150 thousand till 350 thousand GOLD as a prize. Alamaaaaaak !!! That is not simply cry ,, player likewise would get GOLD reward which adds up to the level of shield that they dapetin .. MAntebz huh ???

Not completed until it’s fair you know. No slack next occasion which will be hung on the 27th of July and will Netmarble guaranteed buanyaaakkk truly a present for the player who figured out how to gather Star srtiap they sign in the diversion and figured out how to finish the example nnya Bingo. The more Bingo prepared, the more noteworthy and more blessings would you be able to and different players get.

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ChemCaper: Act 1 Review

Learning while playing RPG? This premise sounds very interesting to me that obviously choose video games rather than textbooks, especially when associated with less chemical subjects I’m interested. The premise that promised by ACE Ed-Venture and Artoncode through ChemCaper, their latest RPG for the iOS and Android.

Released with episodic format, ChemCaper available for mobile platforms in mid-March after first announced its existence in 2014. I also try to play it as driven by the intention to redeem the sins of the past were ignored chemical subjects. Is this time I managed to learn chemistry without falling asleep in the middle of the learning process? Listen to continue my review below and get madden mobile hack here.

ChemCaper_PressWebPage_060116(FOR ROU)

In ChemCaper, you will be invited to follow the story of Roub, a young boy from the nation’s Moon Being. The nation has the ability to manipulate molecules and control animals called Petticle. As one member of Moon Being, Roub get the task trace the whereabouts of a mysterious figure who is believed to be a sacred substance.

His first assignment was to go to a place called Camp Furnaces, where visible traces of the existence of an unknown creature. His first task does not run smoothly, because the plane he was riding had to make an emergency landing. Moreover, he also heard that the town where he lived was attacked by Petticle out of control. What was happening?

After playing ChemCaper for a dozen hours, I finally really understand that ChemCaper content is largely the same as most RPGs, with inserted seasoning of chemical knowledge. All the elements in the present ChemCaper RPG, such as quest system, turn-based battle, until the mechanism of leveling characters.

Elements of chemical knowledge present in the system to make Petticle. You can combine a variety of orb to be a Petticle. Petticle be equated as chemical compounds, while the orb being equal to the constituent chemical molecules.

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Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Review

After a hotly anticipated by numerous gamers around the globe, particularly in Indonesia, at last Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Released for iOS gadgets. Obviously, a great deal of gamers in Indonesia are anticipating this diversion since it reviewed the prevalence of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is available on the PlayStation.

The nearness of the most recent arrangement Harvest Moon, this cell phone is cool for you who need to think back. It can be said that Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is the primary Harvest Moon amusement on a cell phone that elements a complete, dislike Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming discharged in 2009 back and as a riddle diversion and get monster legends hack here.


As per his guarantee, Natsume really introduces Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories with gameplay that will caution you to the past Harvest Moon arrangement. You were requested that pick the fundamental character, male or female, like Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl. Besides, you will be provoked to enter the name and date of birth of your character as you wish.

The tale of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is just about the same as the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, which is going to spare the estate. Little diminutive person will take the fundamental character to deal with the greenery enclosure and its substance with the point of reestablishing the memory of the inhabitants will be their estates. The basic reason is the thing that makes the principle character consents to stay and nurture the greenhouse.

From the earliest starting point of this story, it appears that the plot on Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories are not as profound as Harvest Moon: Back to Nature who depend on enthusiastic closeness fundamental character with his granddad, and the craving to search out an adolescence companion who was overlooked. The fundamental character this time is vague causes and inspirations, even quickly readily acknowledged the offer diminutive person who can not be seen by the layman.

Natsume figured out how to exploit the touch screen highlight that makes this diversion is played on the cell phone. You will be welcome to think back plant a wide assortment of vegetables, organic products, blossoms, and trees that will be productive.

Not just furrowing and watering the course, players can likewise add compost to enhance crop quality. Manure choices change, so it is important to pick the best jam.

Moreover, bear in mind the experience to administer to chickens, dairy animals, sheep, and stallions. The intriguing thing that can be found by gamers later is treated with a decent steed can be ridden and can be diverted to the outside of the domain. Clearly, this will assist spare time.

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