Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls 6 Definitely Coming

What will then be offered Bethesda? This is of course a big question that needs an answer. His status as a publisher does manage to make nurturing many attractive products to be anticipated, from Dishonored 2, Prey, Quake until the latest series – Champions. But what about the games that really emerged from the cold hands of Bethesda itself? With the success achieved by the successful previous series that have been released about five years ago and the completion of Fallout 4, the rational choice of course leads to one of the same name – Elder Scrolls. Will we see the sixth series in the near future?

Bethesda Elder Scrolls

The same question was also to appear in the official Twitter account of the marketing executive – Pete Hines. He asserted that the sixth series of The Elder Scrolls will definitely be done and released by Bethesda in the future. But for now, there is no information that he could for other than the certainty that they are equal before the start of the development process for him. So, what was to be the focus of attention Bethesda today? Unfortunately, he did not share further details and visit mobius final fantasy hack  .
Hines confirms that Elder Scrolls 6 will surely arrive in the future. But for now, they have not developed any.

This is of course so the information does not want to be heard by the fan of one action RPG franchise that is worthy of the title as the best. Will we see Elder Scrolls 6 within the next three years? Or the process will end up waiting much longer?

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