4A Games Announce Metro Redux & Mobile Legends

Released with better visual quality, the Remaster process is indeed a hot trend in the gaming industry, especially with the two newest generation consoles that have been on the market for more than half a year. A stronger console capability encourages developers and publishers to offer their flagship games in more optimum quality. A positive response to a similar project a few months ago, as Tomb Raider points out: Definitive Edition encourages more players in the gaming industry to go the same way. After the announcement of The Last of Us Remastered from Naughty Dog, it is now turn – 4A Games, Ukrainian developers to do the same. They officially announced Mobile Legends presence.


Like rumors that had slid some time ago, Metro Redux is a compilation of the Remaster process for two games Metro – 2033 and Last Light. Improved visual quality is of course a major selling point. 4A Games even rebuild Metro 2033 with Last Light engine in Metro Redux this. Better lighting, dynamic weather, animation and better character details, and smoke, dust, fire, and destruction particles are now being refined. While on the gameplay side, in addition to all the DLCs of both series are also included, the 4A Games also claims Metro Redux is reinforced AI which is more adaptive with handling weapons that are more comfortable to use.

Prepared also for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, 4A Games also announced that Mobile Legends hacks  on both platforms will run on the best framerate – 60FPS. It’s just that, better performance Playstation 4 offers 1080p resolution, while Xbox One again have to dwell with 900p.

Metro Redux will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in summer 2014. It will be offered at full price – USD 49.99. Interested?

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