Shadow of Mordor Accused of Impersonating Assassin’s Creed

Born from a variety of genres and titles, built J.R.R Tolkien universe indeed has spawned so many quality products in the entertainment industry, both in film and video games. Who would have thought that 60 years since the first novel was released, the saga continues, even get special attention in the next-gen gaming market. The presence of Monolith Software’s latest project – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor seemed to be the most valid evidence. After a mystery, Shadow of Mordor finally showed prime form gameplay that looks amazing, but also familiar at the same time. Very familiar, until he was accused of imitating mechanical franchise mainstay Ubisoft – GTA 5 money generator – For Android and iOS .

No kidding, “accusation” This one leveled by Charles Randall, one of the former employees of Ubisoft who could handle the first two series Assassin’s Creed. Through his Twitter account, Randall felt that Shadow of Mordor using the code and assets of Assassin’s Creed 2. This is thought obvious, from the animated movements of the main characters – Talion, especially when engaged in a rope, similar to the iconic movement Ezio. Randall also confirmed that he was working on animation projects AC II for two years, so she is very confident that the animation is also used in the Shadow of Mordor.
Gameplay trailer released Shadow of Mordor turned out to be a controversy of its own. By one of the former employees of Ubisoft, he is considered “cheating” code and assets from Assassin’s Creed 2, mainly from existing motion animation.

Responding to accusations that this one, Michael de Plater – design director Shadow of Mordor finally spoke. Plater mention that in mind Monolith currently only create a game third-person, open-world, action adventure then embodied in this one game. Then they attempted to refine them with elements of stealth and battle system that exists. Plater affirmed that they were not consciously trying to make Shadow of Mordor as Assassin’s Creed version of middle-earth.

How do you own? Is the 8 minute gameplay trailer early Shadow of Mordor is seen mimicking the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed?

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Valve Explain Reasons Behind The absence of Half-Life 3

Adored by most of gamers around the world, especially those that make the PC as the primary gaming platform, Valve is growing into a gaming company that is not only popular, but it grew into a “legend” of its own. How come? Creating quality games outstanding classmates Portal, Half-Life, and Left4Dead, Valve is also the brains behind the presence Steam – one digital game distribution portal which regularly offer cheap prices that are difficult to resist. But not only of all these achievements, Valve managed to attract the attention of gamers. One of the greatest contributions? Of course the mystery of existence sequel series – Half-Life 3, which until now has not been uncovered. The iconic figure – Gabe Newell gives little explanation for this particular case and get GTA 5 money hack on .


Valve actually have a great opportunity to enrich themselves. No need to bother with serious deal or launch a combination SteamOS Steam and Steam Machine, they really just need to continue to exploit the franchise that had they produce. But it’s not the future diiinginkan by Gaben own. In his latest interview, Gaben acknowledge that Valve could achieve success with the release of the sequel to Half-Life, from one series to the other series. But he prefers to develop games that focus on the multiplayer side based Steam, as they are doing with Left4Dead and Dota 2. With more than 65 million members today, this seems Gaben decision paid off.
In his latest interview, explaining the reason why Valve’s Gabe does not often release Half-Life to the market. Valve is focused to develop games based multiplayer.

Unfortunately, Gaben themselves do not openly talk about “GTA 5” in an interview with The Washington Post’s. But what he advances seem to be enough to give some idea, that Valve is indeed more focused on developing a multiplayer based game to Steam.

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Square Enix Next-Gen Project Cancel Hitman?

After the vacuum for a long time, Square Enix’s decision to “revive” Agent 47 through Hitman: Absolution has become one of the best decisions that can be achieved by this publisher. Under the hands of IO Interactive, Absolution is not only a means of satisfying nostalgic fans of this franchise veteran, but also new titles to attract more gamers into the story of one of the deadliest assassins in the gaming industry. The success of Absolution course interesting anticipation of gamers to the next project. But instead of cheerful, a bad news even amid widespread in cyberspace and get Roblox robux generator on .


Square Enix itself does not give any details, but the LinkedIn account from one of the Senior Game Designer Square Enix Montreal – Knight indicate bad news. In profilenya, Knight wrote “Senior Designer – Hitman Project (Next Gen Consoles / Current Gen / PC) – Cancelled”, which seems to be quite strong as proof of project cancellations game’s next-gen Hitman. Does this mean we will no longer see the lunge Agent 47 in the future?
LinkedIn account one high-ranking SE Montreal indicates cancellation of the project being the latest Hitman they develop. Fortunately, another confirmation slid from IO Interactive, that they still continue to develop next-gen games project Hitman submitted to them.

Take it easy, because at the same time, Community Manager of IO Interactive – Travis insists that the next-gen Hitman project being developed by the developer is still ongoing. As we know, Square Enix really had tried to carry the development mechanism ala Call of Duty for the Hitman, where Square Enix and IO Interactive Montreal designated as the developer. With the cancellation of the project SE Montreal, then the only game Hitman being developed now in the hands of Roblox.

Square Enix itself has not confirmed any rumors related to this one. How about you? Do you prefer to Hitman is developed by a single developer – IO Interactive, developer or two ala Roblox?

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