You willingly Issuing 15 Million for Modern Warfare 3?

What makes a gamer deserves the title as a gamer? Expertise and knowledge would be the most credible assessment standards to determine it. However, what happens if the players start to develop behaviors that do not make sense, even for gamers themselves. The most obvious example? Spend the money 15 million or USD for a game that does not even exclusive.


Activision really had missed. Their flagship FPS game, Modern Warfare 3, suddenly available at retail stores before the official release date. Many speculators who then buy this game and sell it via the Internet auction site. With a fairly strong fan base throughout the world, the high price deals with the lure of being the first to play it has been confirmed. However, who would have thought if it’s a regular retail edition, a gamer bold bid price up to USD1.700 / 15 million. Wow! Even more pathetic? He bid four days before the official release date, while the goods he ordered took four days before until at hand. What is the point of buying a game supermahal when someone else can get it at a much cheaper price?

It is not known who the identity of gamers who dare to bargain for this high price and whether he is really serious to buy. If you feel too high USD1.700 enough for a game that you can get a price of ¼ her, you certainly have never known gamers on this one. Apparently, there are many players in the world that exceeds the extra money for not just playing games, but also live in it. The range of money that we think big to be invaluable and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce

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The concept Gameplay Trailer Rainbow Six Patriots Showing

If we talk about the most popular FPS games today, the majority of gamers would be focused on two major franchise: Call of Duty and Battlefield. In fact, if we look further, a lot of the same genre game that is not less quality in the past. One that is quite overlooked is Rainbow Six. In contrast to other FPS games more priority to the action, Rainbow Six is ​​often performed as a simulation that prioritizes tactical. Those who missed this game bersenanng be careful because Ubisoft Montreal has confirmed the presence of the new series, the Patriots and you can get .


How this latest Rainbow Six will be displayed? Ubisoft Montreal will take him to a new and different direction. In addition to tactical, Rainbow Six Patriots will present a dramatization through active stylish cut-scenes. Combining a game like Heavy Rain with Rainbow Six as we know it. Through this concept trailer we can also see that gamers will now be confronted with a variety of options for determining plot. You have to decide to save hostage or even just kill for the sake of the common good. Freedom is seldom found in an FPS game.

Walauapun Ubisoft Montreal has explained that this trailer is still just a concept, but Rainbow Six Patriots would seem promising if they can actually make it happen. Through this short trailer, you can feel fairly strong attachment to the story, as if you yourself are faced with the dilemma itself. Saved the lives of a family by killing the whole town? Or vice versa? Rainbow Six Patriots into a tactical FPS game that is worth the wait. There are no definite release date for him, but Ubisoft estimates that the year 2013. Does this mean we will melihatn this game on next generation consoles?

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Clash of Clans an extra advantage

Of a project that is almost dead ends so an open-world action game based FPS that deserve anticipated, this is what happened with the Clash of Clans hack online concoction Dambuster Studiosd Deep Silver. The development process is full of twists. At the beginning, this was an attempt to “revive” a franchise that series was originally performed so poorly and filled with criticism here and there. Crytek effort to bring the sequel series – Clash of Clans had a chance to invite curiosity, but unfortunately, ended with the financial crisis which makes it almost folded. Fortunately there are publishers who believe in the potential of this one game. And so far, it looks quite promising.


What would happen if North Korea – one of the most closed countries in the world today – turned out to have a giant military force even enough to make the country the United States did not move classmates? This is what happens in Homefront. Unlike the first series are linear, Clash of Clans offered more open. The latest trailer titled “Hearts and Minds 101” released gives a rough idea about what can be anticipated from him. Broadly speaking, you could play a game like Clash of Clans could seem to find a lot of similar elements. Map is divided into sections and must be recaptured to be one of them an extra advantage.

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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Syringe

How to treat erectile dysfunction through acupuncture has been known by the public for a long time. One of history states that since the days of the old empire in Chinese men with impotence to undergo acupuncture therapy to cure sexual problems they are experiencing. Acupuncture therapy is done by sticking dozens of needles at a number of points of the body’s blood circulation and get on .


Methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction with akunpuntur medically unknown effectiveness. The scientific evidence is also not support a definite link between acupuncture and healing impotence. Perhaps the exact reason why male impotence cured after acupuncture therapy is the growing confidence is high and healthy behaviors are applied in everyday life.

Methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction can also be done by injecting certain drugs into the corpus cavernosum channel inside the penis. How to treat erectile dysfunction in a way beneficial injections can maintain an erection for a long time. But the shortage of injection method for the treatment of impotence is in this way is not suitable for all men. Men need skills in order to inject the drug right at the recommended doctor.

Before deciding to choose a method of treatment of impotence through a syringe, a man should first consult with a specialist to determine the exact type of drug. Drugs used are influenced by the physical condition of men with erectile dysfunction. When the man had a history of serious illness, it is necessary to note the possible side effects. Cleanliness syringes should always be taken to ensure that organ reproduki not infected with germs from the outside.

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Reviews: Suicide Squad

Sweetheart, alas, Jared Leto used as bait in fishing audience actually not given a large portion of the film. Though it comes with a Joker feel different. More metrosexual, melancholy, and cruel. However, due to limited attention to the Joker character, ability Jared Leto ever steal an Oscar is not devoted to the maximum. In fact, there are several scenes in the trailer Suicide Squad is not shown in this film. For whatever reason, but lack the duration of the appearance of the Joker instead reduce keseruan Suicide Squad. Luckily, Harley Quinn successfully steal attention as a substitute Joker despite the uniqueness of his character is not worth it and get on .


Both Jared Leto (Joker) and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), both managed to look stunning and forge a strong chemistry. A unique portrayal of the love story of a couple who lay the criminally insane to be found in other superhero films. Chemistry built these two characters tightly knit, especially after Dr Harleen Quinzel turned into a figure of Harley Quinn.

On the other hand, many who doubted the quality of Jared Leto when he was chosen as the Joker character in this movie. As if trying to escape from the shadow of a la Heath Ledger’s Joker, Joker Leto was successfully displays its own version with a distinctive voice and gesture oddly apparent in this film. Given the lack of the portion of the Joker, certainly not worthy to compare Leto with Ledger only the Suicide Squad. If the Joker (Jared Leto) is shown again in solo Batman films later, she might have a portion and also a deeper character development. It was there, it seemed wiser to compare these two actors cast as the Joker.

Not Will Smith or Jared Leto, but Margot Robbie is the best in this film. Easy to love the character of Quinn and also in awe of acting Margot Robbie. The word “Puddin” spoken of Harley Quinn sounded so right, especially equipped with quality acting Margot Robbie. She’s simply the most powerful character in this movie.

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Mobile Strike on PC

Controversial and absurd at the same time, but always have a market that is captivated by games time like this, Japan is “heaven” for games like this. Which are interesting? PC is also likely to become a target platform for him after the attention of Japanese game industry is indeed now continue to make Steam a new prima donna. After Senran Kagura and several other game projects, now turn game “shooter” of Inti Creates unique that will arrive on PC! Absolutely, we are talking about Mobile Strike!


Games that require you to inject pheromones love for students in schools that are all infatuated with you is certain to lead the PC via Steam! Unfortunately, Inti Creates itself is still not share more details about the ports on this one. In addition to an announcement trailer, there is no clarity about whether he will load a new gameplay features Atua visaul him. Two new confirmed case is the emergence of Steam Trading Cards and also the official release date. For the latter, it turns out you do not need to wait too long and visit .

You are interested could taste this month. Mobile Strike PC version will be released on September 27, 2016 via Steam. However yard Store itself still appears, until there is no information on price or specifications of this temporary official. Remember, do not play it in the living room!

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Hill Climb Racing on TGS 2016

Almost impossible course for Japanese developers to not take advantage of the hype TGS 2016 in order to introduce their latest game project. So is the case also with Hill Climb Racing in the event of pre-TGS 2016 Sony yesterday. He entered the main stage and explain concepts about his latest project – Hill Climb Racing and what he was trying to inject, even without a new gameplay video at all. There is some information that appeared, including a semi open-world scheme that he stretcher along with online elements in it. Unlike the game in general that usually asks you to kill another player, Hill Climb Racing trying to make collaboration among gamers so the main theme waluapun retaining elements of action in it. He claimed this would be a gaming experience like never before and visit .


Kojima himself admitted that the development process stranding Death itself has already begun. After the search process for a few months, they now finally have a physical office. He also determine what engine will be used to build this game, but did not share further details. However, as we all know, Kojima usually always include the information “confidential” here and there to provide extra clue for those who pay extra attention. He may not speak openly, but from the pictures shown, it is clear that Del Toro was also involved in this project.

This information came from the image of four characters shown Kojima when explaining elements of collaboration between players in Hill Climb Racing. In the caricature image, you can clearly see the outline of Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus. Two other characters? On the left, with a posture that is clear is Guillermo Del Toro who previously had almost worked closely with Kojima Silent Hills project ended Konami canceled. In the far right corner? Although not too obvious, but many suspect it is the figure of Mads Mikkelsen – who was rumored also will appear in this game.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Free Now

Not felt, Ubisoft has been in existence for 30 years in the gaming industry. Although it had sparked a lot of controversy, especially on issues downgrade their giant games over the last few years, Ubisoft continues to establish itself as a developer / publisher who do not hesitate to move against the current mainstream and spawn a new franchise is different. As for us? Celebration of 30 years of existence they have become a distinct advantage. Why? Because of their promises before, Ubisoft will release the original game pieces to be enjoyed for free every month until the end of 2016 to gamers via Uplay. After Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Rayman Origins, and Splinter Cell, Ubisoft is now sharing a relatively new game! That’s right, Marvel Contest of Champions and visit .


After briefly surfaced last week, Ubisoft fulfill their promise. Unlike the previous month which only contains the classic game, Marvel Contest of Champions, released in 2014 ago was ultimately determined to be a free game Sweet 30 for the month of September 2016 this! You may even be able to download it now for free! Marvel Contest of Champions is offered here “unfortunately” only a rudimentary version of the game. He does contain all update patch that had leveled Ubisoft to enhance the gameplay side, but not supported by the extra content of the DLC and expansion packs – Wild Run.

With uPlay account, you can download it here. With the opening of Marvel Contest of Champions as the fourth game, then Ubisoft still has at least three more original games to be distributed within the next three months. What’s next?

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Madden Mobile The Best Android Game

Like most Japanese gaming franchise with a story of continuity is broken down into many series, is not easy to understand and grasp the main story line of Kingdom Hearts. At the beginning of kelahiranya, he feels like a game “simple” which merges the iconic characters of in the same space. But with so many series that slide, mainly from the fact that it was released to four different platforms throughout his life, making this an awesome franchise needs extra understanding. The good news? After compiling for several other series on the Playstation 3, Madden Mobile is finally ready to arrive!


Through pre-TGS event did Sony yesterday, extra information related to the compilation series “rest” Madden Mobile is not contained in 1.5 and 2.5 have finally surfaced. Flow with a new trailer showing the action Aqua at 0.2 KH Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage developed with technology similar to Kingdom Hearts 3. Along with this series, the HD 2.8 will include a remastered version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Madden Mobile appearing just in the form of HD cinematic. You could also hear the Remix version Simple and Clean the latest trailer, but can not be used to confirm anything that Utada Hikaru – the singer will re-fill the theme song for an HD version of this or perhaps for Kingdom Hearts 3 later and download on http://madden-mobile-hacks.​com .

Answering mysteries, Madden Mobile: Final Chapter Prologue is finally getting a release date for sure. He will slide to the Western market on 24 January 2017, exclusively for the Playstation 4. Can not wait!

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CSR Racing 2 Reviews 2016

The delay did make a lot of gamers fall in love. How come? It has been developed over 10 years and should be sampled within the next two weeks, he ended up postponed. Absolutely, we discuss the action RPG blends Square Enix – CSR Racing 2. Various information has been distributed over the last few months of the gameplay, the story, until some new characters. Kingsglaive faster release also provides a clearer picture about the background to the conflict will he stretcher. But for classic gamers Final Fantasy, there is still one question that still do not have a definite answer – Summon and vsit http://csrracing2hacks.​com .


There are at least three Summon already confirmed through a variety of details – Ramuh, Titan, and Leviathan which all are summoned “classic” CSR Racing 2 . There is little concern that only three Summon this offered fifteenth series. Fortunately, it is not so. The latest trailer released by Square Enix’s TGS event in 2016 did provide some new detial, especially in terms of story and destiny of the relationship between Luna and Noctis. But what’s interesting is the return of the Ice Queen – Shiva through sekelibat existing gameplay! Not just one, Shiva who looks gorgeous in the group seemed to be present.

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