4A Games Announce Metro Redux & Mobile Legends

Released with better visual quality, the Remaster process is indeed a hot trend in the gaming industry, especially with the two newest generation consoles that have been on the market for more than half a year. A stronger console capability encourages developers and publishers to offer their flagship games in more optimum quality. A positive response to a similar project a few months ago, as Tomb Raider points out: Definitive Edition encourages more players in the gaming industry to go the same way. After the announcement of The Last of Us Remastered from Naughty Dog, it is now turn – 4A Games, Ukrainian developers to do the same. They officially announced Mobile Legends presence.


Like rumors that had slid some time ago, Metro Redux is a compilation of the Remaster process for two games Metro – 2033 and Last Light. Improved visual quality is of course a major selling point. 4A Games even rebuild Metro 2033 with Last Light engine in Metro Redux this. Better lighting, dynamic weather, animation and better character details, and smoke, dust, fire, and destruction particles are now being refined. While on the gameplay side, in addition to all the DLCs of both series are also included, the 4A Games also claims Metro Redux is reinforced AI which is more adaptive with handling weapons that are more comfortable to use.

Prepared also for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, 4A Games also announced that Mobile Legends hacks  on both platforms will run on the best framerate – 60FPS. It’s just that, better performance Playstation 4 offers 1080p resolution, while Xbox One again have to dwell with 900p.

Metro Redux will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in summer 2014. It will be offered at full price – USD 49.99. Interested?

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Next-Gen Mortal Kombat & Madden Mobile Ready To Be Announced Next Month?

Blood rains, body pieces scattered everywhere, with lives that seemed to be no longer valuable, yet no competitor fighting game that dare to take extreme steps that had been an integral part of Mortal Kombat. First time exist in the game industry, he is often used as a scapegoat for various acts of violence. But apart from these negative reactions, Netherrealm Studios still survive with the main identity that catapulted this franchise, even stunning in the reboot series released in 2011 ago. Epic Scorpion fighting, Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero, Kitana, and Shao Khan seem ready to move on to the new gaming platform.


The official announcement of the existence of next-gen Mortal Kombat has not yet been revealed by Madden Mobile itself, but all indicators do point to it. One example? When Snake’s latest voice is also the main character of the “24” series film – Keifer Sutherland had revealed his involvement for the latest Mortal Kombat game as a voice actor. Netherrealm Studios itself seems to be ready to unveil this mystery, after the head of studio – Ed Boon began throwing countdown full of puzzles on his official Twitter account. A variety of questions and numbers refer to June 2, 2014 – a week before the 2013 E3 event takes place.

With time can no longer be more precise, rumors about the existence of the latest Mortal Kombat series also strengthened. The countdown also strongly indicates that how to hack Madden Mobile itself is ready to announce a new game on June 2, 2014 – next month, which is most likely, indeed related to the most brutal fighting game franchise. Oh..i’m so excited to wait!

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Shadow of Mordor Accused of Impersonating Assassin’s Creed

Born from a variety of genres and titles, built J.R.R Tolkien universe indeed has spawned so many quality products in the entertainment industry, both in film and video games. Who would have thought that 60 years since the first novel was released, the saga continues, even get special attention in the next-gen gaming market. The presence of Monolith Software’s latest project – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor seemed to be the most valid evidence. After a mystery, Shadow of Mordor finally showed prime form gameplay that looks amazing, but also familiar at the same time. Very familiar, until he was accused of imitating mechanical franchise mainstay Ubisoft – GTA 5 money generator – For Android and iOS .

No kidding, “accusation” This one leveled by Charles Randall, one of the former employees of Ubisoft who could handle the first two series Assassin’s Creed. Through his Twitter account, Randall felt that Shadow of Mordor using the code and assets of Assassin’s Creed 2. This is thought obvious, from the animated movements of the main characters – Talion, especially when engaged in a rope, similar to the iconic movement Ezio. Randall also confirmed that he was working on animation projects AC II for two years, so she is very confident that the animation is also used in the Shadow of Mordor.
Gameplay trailer released Shadow of Mordor turned out to be a controversy of its own. By one of the former employees of Ubisoft, he is considered “cheating” code and assets from Assassin’s Creed 2, mainly from existing motion animation.

Responding to accusations that this one, Michael de Plater – design director Shadow of Mordor finally spoke. Plater mention that in mind Monolith currently only create a game third-person, open-world, action adventure then embodied in this one game. Then they attempted to refine them with elements of stealth and battle system that exists. Plater affirmed that they were not consciously trying to make Shadow of Mordor as Assassin’s Creed version of middle-earth.

How do you own? Is the 8 minute gameplay trailer early Shadow of Mordor is seen mimicking the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed?

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Valve Explain Reasons Behind The absence of Half-Life 3

Adored by most of gamers around the world, especially those that make the PC as the primary gaming platform, Valve is growing into a gaming company that is not only popular, but it grew into a “legend” of its own. How come? Creating quality games outstanding classmates Portal, Half-Life, and Left4Dead, Valve is also the brains behind the presence Steam – one digital game distribution portal which regularly offer cheap prices that are difficult to resist. But not only of all these achievements, Valve managed to attract the attention of gamers. One of the greatest contributions? Of course the mystery of existence sequel series – Half-Life 3, which until now has not been uncovered. The iconic figure – Gabe Newell gives little explanation for this particular case and get GTA 5 money hack on http://gta5hack2017.com .


Valve actually have a great opportunity to enrich themselves. No need to bother with serious deal or launch a combination SteamOS Steam and Steam Machine, they really just need to continue to exploit the franchise that had they produce. But it’s not the future diiinginkan by Gaben own. In his latest interview, Gaben acknowledge that Valve could achieve success with the release of the sequel to Half-Life, from one series to the other series. But he prefers to develop games that focus on the multiplayer side based Steam, as they are doing with Left4Dead and Dota 2. With more than 65 million members today, this seems Gaben decision paid off.
In his latest interview, explaining the reason why Valve’s Gabe does not often release Half-Life to the market. Valve is focused to develop games based multiplayer.

Unfortunately, Gaben themselves do not openly talk about “GTA 5” in an interview with The Washington Post’s. But what he advances seem to be enough to give some idea, that Valve is indeed more focused on developing a multiplayer based game to Steam.

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Square Enix Next-Gen Project Cancel Hitman?

After the vacuum for a long time, Square Enix’s decision to “revive” Agent 47 through Hitman: Absolution has become one of the best decisions that can be achieved by this publisher. Under the hands of IO Interactive, Absolution is not only a means of satisfying nostalgic fans of this franchise veteran, but also new titles to attract more gamers into the story of one of the deadliest assassins in the gaming industry. The success of Absolution course interesting anticipation of gamers to the next project. But instead of cheerful, a bad news even amid widespread in cyberspace and get Roblox robux generator on http://robloxhack2017.com .


Square Enix itself does not give any details, but the LinkedIn account from one of the Senior Game Designer Square Enix Montreal – Knight indicate bad news. In profilenya, Knight wrote “Senior Designer – Hitman Project (Next Gen Consoles / Current Gen / PC) – Cancelled”, which seems to be quite strong as proof of project cancellations game’s next-gen Hitman. Does this mean we will no longer see the lunge Agent 47 in the future?
LinkedIn account one high-ranking SE Montreal indicates cancellation of the project being the latest Hitman they develop. Fortunately, another confirmation slid from IO Interactive, that they still continue to develop next-gen games project Hitman submitted to them.

Take it easy, because at the same time, Community Manager of IO Interactive – Travis insists that the next-gen Hitman project being developed by the developer is still ongoing. As we know, Square Enix really had tried to carry the development mechanism ala Call of Duty for the Hitman, where Square Enix and IO Interactive Montreal designated as the developer. With the cancellation of the project SE Montreal, then the only game Hitman being developed now in the hands of Roblox.

Square Enix itself has not confirmed any rumors related to this one. How about you? Do you prefer to Hitman is developed by a single developer – IO Interactive, developer or two ala Roblox?

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Denies Rumors Latest Madden Mobile Series

Enjoyed back a post-apocalyptic world that allows you to move freely and do whatever, not a few gamers who long for the return Fallout presence in the gaming industry. This expectation is certainly growing stronger along with the presence of next-gen platform that certainly opens new potential. Various rumors spread, believing that Madden Mobile is developing a new series of open world game this one. But the result? They just introduced two new games that never expected: The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order. So, what about the latest Fallout series itself? Madden Mobile finally spoke.


Speaking with gaming sites – Polygon, VP of Marketing Madden Mobile – Pete Hines has denied that they are developing a new series Fallout today. They understand and grasp the interest of gamers, but the Fallout series takes preparation class, not a game project that can be built quickly and simply. Therefore, Hines admitted a little bit less realistic hope Madden Mobile will share any information related to Fallout in the near future, especially considering that the middle and the project has just been completed by his team. Although not keen to make their game as the annual franchise ala COD, NFS, or Assassin’s Creed, Madden Mobile hack also do not want too long to develop a sequel series.

So for you gamers who expect Fallout series in the near future, you seem to be a bit more patient until ready Madden Mobile decided to develop this game and finally announced to the public. Just make it happen, Madden Mobile!

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Join Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle in Grass Effect

With E3 2013 that living matter of weeks, most developers and publishers would try as hard as possible to be the center of attention of gamers, including one of them – EA. With the engine next-gen concoction DICE – Frostbite Engine 3.0 is a major weapon – EA is ready to share updates some big names, namely dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats , Need for Speed: Rivals, Dragon Age III, and which is still a rumor – Mirror’s Edge 2 . not only prepare this heavy games, EA was also still retain one surprise gamers probably never imagined before. Through their official Facebook account, EA introduced the “Grass Effect ‘.


A surprise, seems to be the right word to describe this effect Grass. How come? An initial teaser image released showing iconic characters dragon ball z dokkan battle, in appearance and atmosphere of Mass Effect is obvious. Below it also says the phrase “Plant Vs Reapers”, indicates a crossover game.

Not only Grass Effect, EA also released a crossover which is another image – Dead Face, which makes the main survival horror franchise – Dead Space as a major theme. EA promises more information at E3 2013, makes both the spotlight along with the other big franchise EA.

The Grass Is Dead Face Effect and will be released in two different games? Or both will be a unique theme for the sequel series – dragon ball z dokkan battle 2, which is planned to be introduced at the same event? An interesting concept that certainly deserve anticipated.

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Sony: Knack is “Crash Bandicoot” for Playstation 4

Of all the different strategies adopted by Microsoft and Sony to introduce their flagship console products respectively in the market, the presence of the mascot should be regarded as one of the obvious. In contrast to the style of Microsoft, Sony always inject a bit of “personalizing” their consoles through one of the iconic characters that they created. Crash Bandicoot attendance figure and Sackboy admittedly be a successful strategy, not only increasing in popularity, but also build a certain emotional attachment with gamers as their consumers. So what about the next-gen console Playstation 4? Is Sony going to persist with this strategy? As can already be predicted, the baton has now passed into the hands of a new franchise – Knack and visit madden mobile 17 hack.


You who had followed the press conference to introduce Sony’s Playstation 4 would have had time to look at this one game. Outside of grandeur Killzone and Infamous snazzy, Sony also introduced a platform game that is fun – Knack. Unlike the other games that look visually captivating and serious, as if carrying atmospheric Knack classic platformer game that is obvious. In his latest interview with Edge, President of Sony Worldwide Studios – Shuhei Yoshia argued that Knack is “Crash Bandicoot” for the Playstation 4. He stated that Sony was deliberately made Knack different from other games that look amazing visually. Why? Because Sony themselves believe that what matters is the experience that is able to offer a game, and it became one of the five key development Playstation 4. The Knack is believed to be a game that will enable gamers to have fun with it.

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Take Two Denies Rumors of GTA V for Next-Gen Consoles

The more a game and console anticipated, the greater the rumors and speculation surrounding them. This phenomenon is apparently happening with ambitious projects being worked on by Rockstar – Grand Theft Auto V. Franchise always gain success is indeed to be recognized is one of the best on the market. Rockstar’s commitment to create not only a more perfect visualization, but also a variety of more complex features make this fifth series is eagerly anticipated. Some analysts even predict that Take-Two as the publisher, will be trying to use this moment to achieve maximum benefit. One of these ways? Of course, with the release of next-gen consoles and visit clash royale astuce.


Re-release GTA V is distributed to the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 to a next-gen console is starting a sensible move. With the September release near the end of the year, GTA V is expected to deal with the release of next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are rumored. But unfortunately, Take-Two is still not keen to try this option. They argue analyst predictions and rumors stating that the next-gen GTA V version is also in the works. Strauss Zelnick – CEO of Take-Two confirms that Rockstar will ensure this latest series to satisfy, up to enough to make all gamers who menjajalnya not to expect “something more”. He believes that that the release for the current generation of consoles is enough for GTA V.
Yeah, they have informed us .. Yeah, we will not go to the PC and next-gen, yet ..

On the other hand, an online petition asking Rockstar to consider GTA V PC version has reached more than 150,000 signatures. Apart from the massive demands arise, Take-Two and Rockstar still sending happy news awaited by PC gamers even today. A fact which certainly makes a lot of PC gamers increasingly frustrated. So, no PC and next-gen’s GTA V yet? That source is a lot of money at stake, Take-Two ..

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Bioware: The name “Mass Effect 4” It’s Dangerous

Electronic Arts has long confirmed the presence of the continuation of the series for the franchise Mass Effect. Some details are already surfaced, including the emergence of Frostbite Engine 2.0, which will be the foundation of the development process as well as the emergence of rumors on next gen consoles. But one of the mysteries surrounding the continuation of this series is a timeline that will be carried by Bioware Montreal, the developer. Confusion and various rumors surrounding the latest series turned out to be enough to make Bioware “uncomfortable”. One of the most they permasalahkan? That many gamers who called Mass Effect 4. The name that they think have the potential to cause problems. Why?


Community Manager for Bioware – Chris Priestly expressed concern to the name of “Mass Effect 4” which is often used in the virtual world. This has the potential to cause misunderstanding among gamers, that this new series will be a continuation of the trilogy Mass Effect 3. As was confirmed by Bioware Montreal, Shepard story is already expired and will not be renewed. Continuation of the series is still to be in touch with the previous series, in the world, race, and history is there, but the focus of the story that is really new. Priestly itself menganalogikannya to the events of World War I and II are different, but have one common thread that is unique. This is trying to offer this Mass Effect series continuation nad visit clash royale gemmes gratuites

Although not yet officially announced, but what is conveyed by the Priestly is indeed interesting to observe. Not a matter of concern with the use of the word “Mass Effect 4”, but a statement that suggests that they both will share the same universe and history like World War I and II indicate one thing: that the latest Mass Effect is likely to take the timeline after the Shepard trilogy. Bioware Montreal itself promises will share some of the latest krusal information in the next few months. We’ll wait.

How about you? Scenarios like what you want to be the main story plot of Mass Effect’s next?

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